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DemonCyber: The Hit, is a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk JRPG, set in a city where crime and corruption dominate and gangs with illegal cybernetics rule the streets.

The game is a prequel to DemonCyber, that I made for IGMC 2018. I had planned to add a lot more but didn't have enough time. I hope you enjoy what I've done so far. 

Note: There is an issue with a  sound plugin that changes the audio levels whenever you enter a vehicle. This will be fixed later but I recommend keeping the audio levels at default for now and use the volume control on headset or speakers.

Install instructions

Extract and play.


DemonCyber: The Hit 436 MB


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Congrats on 8th place in People's Choice! :D

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Thanks so much! I can't believe my game did so well. Hopefully there's still a chance at the other prizes but I'm happy just to have come this far. I really appreciate your support SJWebster, and thankyou everyone that played and rated my game, it means the world to me.

Really happy to see this! I've been following the thread for the full fat game over at RPG Maker Web forums and have been really digging the 80s VHS vibe and first person battle animations! Good luck in the contest, dude! :D

Thanks a lot mate! You too!